Our Community Adult Learning Program focuses on these areas

  • Adult Literacy and Foundational Learning: English language learning (ELL), volunteer tutor program, basic computers, numeracy 

  • Community Capacity Building: community & family development, workplace readiness, computer & technology training, communication skills.

  • Learner Support Services: Post-Secondary information, computer and internet access, knowledgeable referrals

  • Newcomer Support Services: assistance with accessing local, provincial and federal government services,  assistance with on-line forms and applications

The Learning Center meeting rooms and board rooms may be available for rent. Access to computers, projectors, video conferencing equipment is also available. Call for information on rentals and fees: 780-208-3754


We are an organization in the County of Two Hills dedicated to providing quality programs and services for all residents.

Our Mission 

To create and maintain a vibrant learning community by building trusting relationships and networks with those we serve, various stakeholders, our funders and other learning providers.

Statement of Philosophy

The person who is learning throughout life is capable of adaptability, of changing. Foundational learning, including literacy and numeracy, English language learning and basic computer skills, enables individuals to pursue further learning, have satisfying and meaningful employment and fully participate in Alberta's society and economy.

Foundational skill levels significantly influence an individual’s life outcomes – the ability to learn, health status, civic participation and social engagement, economic performance, and involvement with the justice system.

Our Mandate

1. To promote and offer foundational learning and community capacity building oportunites by continually identifying the changing needs and offering programming that meets those needs within Alberta Learning guidelines.

2. To provide a safe and welcoming learning environment that is inclusive and respectful to all people and cultures.

3. To encourage local agencies and organizations to collaborate in the development of meaningful, accessible and affordable programs.


In these tricky times fear and anxiety is something that many Canadians are struggling with, you are not alone.  The Crisis and Trauma Resource and Institute can help!  They provide free online help, click the link below to access their website.


Our office is located  upstairs at 4712-50st, in with FCSS. The Learning Center is located downstairs.

Newcomer Welcome Centre

Newcomer and Learner Support Services is still here to help while following government guidelines for social distancing.  Follow this link to our Newcomers website for updates and information.


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