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Understanding the Mennonite Culture


On-Line OR In Person

at Two Hills Learning Center

(4712-50 St, Two Hills, AB)




1:30 pm to 3:30 pm



Sorry Registration is Closed

About the event

Alberta has become home to many Low German Speaking Mennonite (LGSM) families over the last number of years. No matter what field you work in, chances are you will end up working with LGSM families in some capacity. Taking from her own experiences growing up in this community and from a decade of working as a Low German Community Health Rep, Tina will share some key information on the cultural beliefs and ways of life for the LGM. This presentation serves to help service providers better understand who they are, their history, their beliefs, values and convictions, in order to better understand and work alongside with the LGM Community. 

This is a hybrid session (both online and inperson). If attending online a ZOOM link will be forwarded once a registration is recieved.

Please note, space is limited so register early.

About the presenter

Tina Meggison

Tina was born in Durango, Mexico and spent many years in the LGM community where there was no indoor plumbing, electricity or motorized vehicles. Her family attended the Old Colony Church until she was 16 years old. Tina has 11 siblings and moved to Ontario, Canada in 1987 when she was 4 years old where she attended Public School. Her family went back to Mexico for 2 1/2 years when she was 11 after having been in Canada for 7 straight years. This was a real culture shock to return to such a simple lifestyle. Tina and her family moved to Alberta in 2001. Tina is now remarried and has a 15 year old son and 2 adult step children. Tina worked as a Community Health Representative for 10 years working specifically with the Low German Speaking Mennonite community to bridge the gaps between client and service provider. Currently Tina is working with the Healthier Together Initiative and using the past 10 years of working with the LGM community to piece together preventative resources for this community.

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