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About Us

Established in 1973 and incorporated as a non-profit society in 2015, the Two Hills Adult Learning Council  functions to coordinate, encourage and promote lifelong learning within the community of Two Hills and the surrounding area. The Learning Council is funded by the Ministry of Skilled Trades and Professions and operated by a volunteer board that provides direction to the director and oversees the program. 

Our Mission
To create and maintain a vibrant learning community by building trusting relationships and networks with those we serve; various stakeholders, our funders, and other learning providers. 

Statement of Philosophy
The person who learns throughout their life is capable of adapting, and changing. Foundational learning includes: literacy and numeracy, English as a second language, and basic computer skills. It is these foundational skills that enable individuals:
  • to pursue further learning
  • to have satisfying and meaningful employment,
  • and to fully participate in Alberta's society and economy. 
The Board Members:
Barb Boschman: Chairperson
Gerry Horbasenko: Vice-Chair
Lorrett Tatarin: 2nd Vice-Chair
Melissa McEachern: Treasurer/Secretary
Lorraine Tupechka: Director
Tammy Pocock: Director

Sebastien Dutrisac: County Representative

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